Monday, February 15, 2010

Holes, Gaps, and Apertures from England

Article by Margaret Beech, photos by Jill Williams, UK

Quarto was founded in 2001 and its members—around sixteen—meet four times a year at the University of Sunderland. In lieu of membership and attendance fee we have an obligatory book exchange at each meeting. Members spend quite some time explaining to the group how the book was made and what inspired it, followed by either a workshop by a paid tutor or a mini-workshop taught by members. In October 2009 members of Bound to be Good (BTBG) from Calderdale near Halifax (about 100 miles south of Sunderland) drove north to share our meeting with us. Like Quarto, BTBG grew out of a local calligraphy society when their members decided to take their lettering skills further and discovered book arts. Now both groups have members who have no lettering skills but bring other disciplines to share. 
On the day of the exchange everyone brought a book; the subject was "Holes, Gaps, and Apertures. We had plenty of opportunity to view books made for previous exchanges, meet new people with similar interests but sometimes a different take on what was done, and share lunch together. It was a most successful day and we hope to share meetings and books again in the future.

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(From editor): We look forward to more "online" meetings. Thank you!

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