Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shereen LaPlantz, University of Puget Sound

Article by Dolores Guffey, Photos by Bonnie Julien
Currently, at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, there is an exhibit of the work of artist Shereen LaPlantz. The exhibit is through March 12, 2010. Not all of our current guild members may be aware that Shereen was one of the founding members of North Redwoods Book Arts Guild. Although she was only a member during the first year (1995-96) her influence and dedication to book arts has shaped not only our guild, but anyone who decided to try their hand at book arts. I feel honored to have had the experience of not only taking workshops from her, but observing her create Cover to Cover.  She had "play days" where she invited other book artists to come to her studio to work up models that would be in the book. Among those at the play days were Dorothy Swendeman, Elaine Benjamin, Robin Renshaw, JoAnne Berke, and Dolores Guffey.

After Cover to Cover was published, Shereen initiated the organizing of a Book Arts Conference here in Humboldt County, one of the purposes of creating The North Redwoods Book Arts Guild. In June of 1996 we put on a fantastic conference with nationally recognized book art instructors from all over the U.S. and even Canada. Shereen was able to use her connections to gather 18 book artists to participate. This was our first and last conference. As successful as it was, it was just too much work! After the conference Shereen took a different direction and concentrated on her one and three year workshop commitments which she taught in her home.

Editor comments:
The University of Puget Sound has an excellent press release where you will learn more about Shereen and her books. NORBAG member, Bonnie Julien enjoyed touring the exhibit and she was given permission to take photos. She has provided all of the captions and has taken photos in very challenging conditions with great results. View the following Picasa slideshow to feel as if you're touring the exhibit yourself! (Click on the slideshow image to view a larger version in Picasa)

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  1. I have two favorites. The slit concertina with inserts from Showcase 8 has fabulous colors and is a perfect way to feature special papers, art, gelatin prints etc. I also love "The Day I Became Me" because of the cute little books hanging around the neck of the cover figure.