Saturday, January 30, 2010

February Workshop--Stamps and Stencils

Sandy V. will be teaching our workshop on Saturday, February 13. If you plan to attend, you must RSVP Sandy by Wed, February 10th so she has enough time to prepare materials (her contact details are in the newsletter or in the membership directory). We will be using Art Foam to make quick and easy stamps and freezer paper and other materials to cut stencils. We will then use our stamps and stencils to enhance previously decorated papers or a variety of new papers. Finally we will share our creations.

What to bring:

Scissors , craft knife and cutting mat.

Ink pads and/or acrylic paint and brush.

Spray bottle and paper towels.

Cardboard to use as a base for stamps.

Papers to stamp and stencil: bring paste papers and gelatin prints that need more decoration.

White or colored papers...try a variety.

Sandy will bring Art Foam, freezer paper and other materials for stencils, stipple brushes, paper samples and whatever she can think of that might be fun to use.

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