Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gelatin Print Book

The three hour workshop on gelatin plate printing didn't leave us with much time to complete the accordion fold books and so it was a treat to have a member bring over her completed book. Sue C. did her homework and the results are terrific. Each image is glued only at the top margin making it possible to lift the print and read its description underneath.

The printed pages were handed out at the workshop with the idea that they could be cut to size and incorporated into the book. The printed pages provide a title, a list of techniques to be used in the workshop, details on caring and disposal of the gelatin plate, and a list of additional resources.

This duo is a negative and positive print of cilantro printed on pink paper. Sue also cut pink paper for the front and back of the accordion fold book and added a delicate ribbon to tie when the book is closed. 
Are there any others out there to share?

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  1. Good job Sue! Looks terrific. What a nice reference.