Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Homework Completed

Another workshop participant, Bonnie J., has completed her accordion fold book. She has added a colorful ribbon to tie the book closed. The cover image is a negative print of string or twine. If you could hold this book in your hand the first thing you would notice is the smooth almost silky texture of the image. Bonnie did a good job of inking her brayer, being careful to roll out a thin layer on her rolling surface before applying the ink to the gelatin plate. As a result the thin layer of ink that was transferred to the paper still produced remarkable detail with a surface that seems to be part of the paper.

The images on the front of the folds are a good example of the pleasing use of a limited color palette. Bonnie has chosen to glue the entire image to the page, writing notes below the images as reminders of what processes she used to create these interesting images.

There are a number of things that are pleasing about this image. She has used a very small gelatin plate (about 2.5 b 3.5 inches) and because the top of the plate had sharp edges—the bottom edges are rounded—she gets a nice sharp border that helps to define the image. The little irregularities make it more interesting. Look carefully and you can see her notes at the bottom.
Thank you Bonnie!

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