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The Newport Paper Arts Festival (NPAF) is a three day celebration of paper and book arts that is held every April. Sponsored by Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, this was the 20th anniversary of the festival. This year there were 86 attendees (as listed on the roster) with 17 NORBAG members (six from California, five from Oregon, five from Washington, and 1 from Alaska). There were 12 instructors (including two NORBAG members, Randi Parkhurst and Margo Klass) and 18 workshops covering such topics as monoprinting, surface design, collage, stamp carving, boxes, decorative book binding, nature printing, paper manipulation, photo-transfer, and encaustic. 

All but one of the workshops were one-day classes, but seven NORBAG members chose the two-day Coptic-Bound Flitch Book class taught by Margo Klass. This was a great opportunity to work with vertically cut and aged Alaskan birch wood. Members also took classes such as Gelli Plate Monoprint Mania, Drum-Leaf Binding, Crows’ Feet and Layers Book, and Randi’s two classes; Paper Embellishment and Secret Matchbox Structure.

Gelli plate prints taught by Cheri Aldrich

Sumi ink drawing for the Drum-Leaf class taught by Margo Klass
Spray painted papers
Completed Drum-Leaf Binding Books

Flitches - vertically cut and aged Alaskan Birch 

Margo Klass instructs Michele O and Michele K

Preparing to attach a cover decoration

Carol S and Michele K working on their Coptic binding

Michele O and Sandy V hard at work

Michele O's book almost finished

Here are some completed Flitch books

Carol S, Dolores G, and Michele K 

Even though some classes were very intense, a few of us still found time to play with other book and paper structures in the evening at the Sylvia Beach Hotel. All in all it was a wonderful opportunity to learn new techniques, attend the instructors' book and DVD signing and sale, view the instructors' displays at a reception, and mingle with other book and paper artists.
Instructors' show in the upstairs gallery

Randi Parkhurst demonstrates her latest work, Tansu Gothic. 
The following photos are from the instructors' show.
Randi Parkhurst

Margo Klass

Moe Snyder

Sarah Gayle Plourde

Sarah Gayle Plourde

 Next year the festival will be held April 22-24 so SAVE the date 
and join us in 2016!

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  1. It was a great weekend, lots of books and great teachers.