Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Meeting and Workshop - Diane Williams and the Paper Pocket Book

For those of you who couldn't attend, you can see the exchange books on our Flickr page.  Look at the column on the left and tap the "Flickr Photos."  You will be directed to the Flickr pages and see the exchange books.  Also, if you haven't visited the blog in a while, make sure to look at the older posts.  Just before this one is a post from Bonnie Julien about a Book Arts exhibit in the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art in Washington.

Our meeting each month is not just a workshop.  At the start of each meeting, our Librarians bring in the book and magazine libraries.  We also have a “free” box that contains donations of materials that people can take home.  This month we were really lucky.  Beth M. is moving and is downsizing.  She brought boxes of book board, paper, embellishments and a lot more. 

We also have announcements and take care of business. We learned that several members are in Newport, Oregon for the paper arts festival.  We will have pictures of that on the blog.

Also, we found that Connie is going to host our May meeting at her home.  Connie loves tools that manipulate paper and she will have her home set up so that we all can try out many of her tools.

Exchange books - Purple Theme
We have the book exchange and it is always delightful to see the variety of books submitted.  This month’s theme was “Purple” and, as usual, we had a wide range of books.  Again, go to the Flickr photos to see these books in color.  The colophons are in the newsletter along with black and white photos.

Diane Williams presented the workshop.  It is called a “Paper Pocket Book” and consists of ten pockets (made from #10 security envelopes) in a hard cover with a ribbon closure.  The pockets could hold ephemera, gift cards, photos or whatever you would like. The book structure was created by Greta Baack.  

We cut and decorated the envelope ends that would become the pockets.  Some members decorated before cutting the envelopes to size, others after.  We used stencils, stamping ink, stamps and pen to decorate the envelopes.  One of our members loved the inside security designs and turned the envelopes inside-out (left).
Here are a few more examples of surface design for the envelopes.

After surface design, we apply adhesive to the pockets, stick them together, add a cover and ribbon closure and we have a "Paper Pocket Book."

Here are a few more examples of the books.
And now for the pictures of the members doing what they do best... making books.  Again, many thanks to Diane for the workshop.

Great meeting!

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