Sunday, February 24, 2013

Single Needle Coptic Binding

NORBAG Compendium, Volume 4
Taught by Dolores Guffey

Come join us to bind your personal copy the current compendium, the compilation of our newsletter Project Pages from January 2009 through January 2013 (it has been four years since the last one). It is folded into four signatures and consists of 36 book arts and related structures with complete instructions, as well as helpful hints. A very special thank you goes to Peggy Marrs, who designed each project page and wrote the fantastic and understandable illustrated instructions.

This workshop will teach the single needle Coptic binding, and gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you wish with the covers and the placement of the stitches. You also have the option of bringing your earlier compendiums and bind all four together . One of the advantages of Coptic binding is that it is easily disassembled if you so desire to take apart your earlier volumes. If you do wish to bind all your compendiums together, please make a new set of boards to accommodate the thicker book (your original boards will be a tad too small).

For those of you who wish to learn the single needle Coptic binding, but do not wish to bind a compendium, you may bring your own paper and covers and follow along. (Note: if this is your choice, then decide what size book you wish to bind. The covers should be ¼" longer than the length of the signatures and ¼" wider than the width of the folded signatures.)

All four compendiums will be available, both at this and future meetings. If you wish to have one (or more) mailed to you, please fill out the order form included in the newsletter. Mail the form and a check as instructed on the order sheet. The cost for each compendium is $5.00 plus postage.

Materials Needed for the Covers

NOTE: Covers need to be made before the meeting. They should be made at least a day ahead and allowed to dry under weights to avoid warping.
1. Two covers, each 11 ¼" x 8 ¾" grain long (Davy board, mat board, or illustration board)
2. Two pieces of decorative paper 13" x 10 ½" grain long
3. Two pieces of end paper 10 ½" x 8 ¼" grain long (same as cover paper or complimentary).
Glue the end papers to the backside of each cover. Please make sure the grain of your paper matches the grain of your cover boards, with the grain being parallel to the spine. This will assure that the covers do not warp after binding.

Materials Needed for the Workshop
1. Your completed covers (decorative papers on both sides of each cover)
2. Curved or bent needle (extra needles will be available)
3. Colored thread to match or complement your covered boards (six strand embroidery floss; pearl cotton floss, size 5; or waxed linen thread)
4. Beeswax
5. Piercing tool if using mat or illustration board; hand drill if using Davy board
6. Protective source on which to pierce or drill (old magazine or phone book)
7. Piercing cradle that can accommodate an 11" signature; if you don't have one, bring a phone book which, when opened, can substitute for a cradle.
8. Piece of cardstock 11" x 2" for a sewing jig
9. Pencil, ruler, scissors, bone folder

Note: The following extra materials will be available if you don't have a particular item:
• needles & beeswax
• colored thread (embroidery floss & pearl cotton)
• a few extra piercing cradles
• piercing tool & hand drill

When? Saturday, March 9, 12 noon
Where? Our usual location: BSS 166 at HSU
Cost? $5.00 to purchase a compendium. No workshop fee.

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