Monday, April 25, 2011

You Never Know

Michele, Tina, and Sandy
Humboldt County is home to many hiking groups and last Saturday, with a hint of sun in the sky, about 15 of us headed off for a hike around Bull Creek and a picnic at the Albee Creek campground. The group has varied interests—photography, botany, history—and we are given frequent quizzes by our hike leader, historian Jerry Rohde. These quizzes come with prizes donated by previous quiz winners, so one never knows what they will grab from the Prize Bag. When Tina correctly answered a question, picked and unwrapped her prize, it took Sandy and Michele a couple of seconds to realize what Tina was holding in her hand. Someone, and we don't know who this was, donated a book created by NORBAG as part of 1000 Books for Literacy, a fundraiser for the Humboldt Literacy Project. But wait, the story isn't over. Sandy originated the idea for the 1000 Books project, coordinated the Guild's effort of making well over 1000 books, supervised their installation at Eureka Books for the September 2010 fundraiser, and created the text for Nature—one of the five themes for the books. Michele created the text for another of the themes, helped construct the books, and was president of NORBAG during this event. As for Tina, well, she is a local artist and let me tell you, she was thrilled to receive this book.
 We walked out to the trailhead listening to Tina reading quotes from famous artists, laughing and perfectly delighted that she had received this book.
So, like putting a message in a bottle and setting it gently into the outgoing tide, one of them has come back and what a treat it was.
Let us know if you discover any others!

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