Thursday, April 28, 2011

Newport Report

By all reports, the Newport Paper Arts Festival was a great success. NORBAG members converged from Oregon and California to enjoy the many workshops held at the Visual Arts Center in the scenic seaside town of Newport, Oregon. Thanks to all of the NORBAG members who sent in photos. 
NORBAG members from Humboldt County
Six of our Humboldt County members produced some of the results pictured below.
Tiny Twisted Treats in a Treasure Box

Flag Book
Bonnie created the box and collections of books shown above. This workshop was taught by Patricia Grass. Inside the box are five miniature books: a triangular meander, a slinky book, a flag book, a spiral book, and a simple origami fold book.
The Greek Stitch with Leather covered Wooden Boards
Wooden covers were covered with goatskin and decorated with holes using a Japanese punch. Half of the sections were sewn to each cover with a variation of the Coptic stitch and then the two halves were joined together.
Pansy Book
  This Pansy Book is the result of John Watson's "Sewing Single Pages" workshop.
Metallic Collage
 Sandy took a workshop (and she does this almost every year) from Cheri Aldrich, a mixed media artist who loves metallics of any kind.
Workshop Results
At day's end members rooming together shared their workshop results. These results are just some of the "stash". After participating in these all day workshops, members that roomed together would come back to the hotel and create their own workshop and then play well into the evening.
Paper Towel decorating
Recording their results
Day is Done
Is this a demonstration of how much book artists love their fonts, text, and layout or, as Bonnie suggested, did the person writing this not know how to spell "Edith"?
See You Next Year at Newport, 2012!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Glad you all had a good time.

    (Poor Edith, however...)