Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our next workshop: Pivoting Panels taught by Dolores G.

Our next workshop will meet at 12 noon, Sat. July 10 in Forestry 103. We will be doing a simplified version of the Hedi Kyle Pivoting Panel structure. You will need to bring the following materials:

6 photos, 4×6"  in portrait format (subject matter vertical). There will be 3 photos on the front of the panels and 3 on the back. If you do not want photos on the back, then you only need to bring 3 photos. In looking at my own stash of pictures, most all of them are in landscape mode so I know this may not be an easy task. You can substitute artwork, post cards, or images cut from magazines, just so long as the finished size is 4×6" and that they all be situated in a vertical position.

For the covers:
2 pieces of mat board or illustration board 8⅝×5⅛" grain long.
2 pieces of decorative paper×6" grain long (coordinate color to match your photos or artwork). Please note: covers can be added to this structure at any time, so if you don’t have the boards or cover paper, don’t let this keep you from the workshop.

Double-sided sticky tape.
PVA, brush, waste papers (for making the covers).
Bone folder.
X-Acto knife (or craft knife of your choice).
Cutting mat.
Pencil, eraser.
Metal ruler.

Please note that there is an RSVP request for this workshop. If you plan to come, Dolores needs you to let her know by July 7. Her contact details are on both the first and second page sidebars in the newsletter. She will respond to all inquiries. If she doesn't respond, she didn't get your message. There will also be a .50 materials fee. Our meeting will be in Forestry 103 on 17th Street.


  1. Wish I were closer. This looks like it will be a wonderful workshop.

  2. It was a great workshop and a slideshow will be posted soon.