Monday, October 12, 2020


Our October Zoom Meeting with Donna & Corky LaVallee was a wonderful introduction into the collecting of miniature books. Although they couldn't share all 305 of their collection, they did show us various ones in the following categories: micro miniature; box books; pop-ups; great bindings; interesting/unusual bindings; stamps; marbled paper; rainbows; and original art. Many of the books fall into more than one category. While Donna held the books and turned the pages, Corky gave an explanation of each one. 

They collect both original books from book artists as well as a few commercially printed ones. Most of their collection consists of limited editions, but they also have unique books. There is a wealth of information about miniature books on the internet. For those of you interested in viewing and/or collecting, Google "Miniature Books." A good place to start is with the Miniature Book Society:

Donna and Corky LaVallee

We appreciate Donna and Corky's enthusiasm and generosity in putting together such a fun presentation. NORBAG members who missed the event may contact Dolores to see the recorded version. To see a few of their books, scroll down to the previous blog entry.

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