Sunday, May 10, 2020


Since we, and most of the world, are staying home in hope of flattening the curve of coronavirus cases, this blog will strive to offer suggestions and projects from some of our members. We will try to update the blog every two weeks, so be sure to check in for new ideas as well as information about when regular NORBAG workshops will resume. Remember to scroll down for previous projects sent by our members.

 A former member of NORBAG emailed with a request about sending some cheer to long-term care residents experiencing isolation. She wrote that "in this time of uncertainty, we need human connection more than ever! But many of our older adults are experiencing isolation on a deep level. In order to protect residents and staff from exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19), long-term care facilities have temporarily stopped welcoming visitors. This means that residents are not able to see their families and friends...and since many of them do not use social media or teleconferencing apps, they have little or no connection to the outside world. They could really use support!" She asked if our members would pledge to send 10 cards to long-term care residents who need encouragement. "Whether it is a postcard with a pep talk, a construction paper creation, all contributions would be welcome!" A separate email has been sent to local NORBAG members with information on how to join this cause, but we're sure this kind of support would be welcome in any community. This is a great opportunity to share your artistic creations with people who are truly isolated. Many of our members are already making cards using their own paste, marbled, or eco-dyed papers so please consider sharing some of these beautiful creations with others in need of support.

Now to share some photos of what our members have been doing...

Watercolor leaf print cards by Michele K.

Biophilia by Michele K
(EO Wilson coined this term for basically the human love of nature)

Biophilia sewn over straps

Random by Michele K

Artist Trading Cards by Edge G

This is the back of the ATC cards...mixed media collage
 inspired by a You Tube video by Lorrie Marie Jenkins

Eco-dyeing by Randi P.
These latest prints were made using techniques from
Jane Dunnewold's book, Best of Both Worlds: Enhanced Botanical Printing

This print has sting added

Grace B. made collages using cut-outs from copies of the rock print and collage work
done by Dolores G and Lynne G shown in the previous blog article. Grace is 90 years

young and a charter member (25 years) of NORBAG! 

Another of Grace's new collage prints

Collage by Grace B

Bonnie J is taking Helen Hiebert's online course Flexible Book Structures 2.
The book on the left is a book light and the other two are expandable file folders.

Book Light opened and illuminated

One of the expandable file folders...the green cards lift out

Bonnie's pocket folder book. It has six slots on the left,
 plus two large slots underneath.
A slim book is just visible coming from one of those pockets.

Front of the pocket book. It closes with velcro dots,
 the brad is just for decoration.

Back side of the book has an envelope pocket
 that has been sewn with a sewing machine.

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