Sunday, March 15, 2020


A new selection of artist books made by NORBAG members is now on display at the Humboldt County Library in Eureka. The kiosk that houses the books is near the book check-out and returns area. Included are books with ancient style stitches made with modern or non-traditional materials, exposed bindings, as well as a variety of hand-sewn books.

Bindings include Coptic stitched in blue raffia on painted papers; Tackets neatly done in two colors on gray handmade paper; and Stab binding done with macramé thread and beads.

A display of exposed bindings features a book of hand-marbled, paper-covered sections stitched in white linen thread over black tapes; colorful threads wrapped over cords; and French link binding.

Another shelf displays a variety of stitches including Long Stitch, Buttonhole, Twisted, and many decoratively stitched small books.

Unique books include a decorative spin-braid of threads color coordinated with hand-marbled papers; double Secret Belgian binding with copper embellishments; Raven's Foot binding on hand-decorated covers; and more unique bindings.

Ancient stitches with modern materials

Exposed bindings

Unique bindings

A variety of bindings


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