Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Our last workshop/meeting was February 8, 2020. We had the usual early birds who put out all the tables and chairs for the meeting. Members came in saying hello to friends, meeting new members, and putting their tool kits and materials on the tables. We took about 30 minutes to look at the exchange books, the free table and the “show and tell” table before going back to our seats to begin card making. This meeting was different, we didn’t need instructions or demonstrations about making valentine cards... we are paper people so we started immediately. About an hour later than usual we took a break for the book exchange, an introduction to Lorraine Miller-Wolf, and the general business of NORBAG. Afterwards, we went back to making cards.

This is our eighth annual Valentine card making workshop lead by Lorraine Miller-Wolf. She started making and delivering cards to various shut-ins in 2005. In 2011, some NORBAG members joined in the donation of cards to distribute on Valentine’s Day. In 2013 the tradition was born when we started making cards to donate at our February workshop/meeting. We enjoy getting together to bring and share materials to make Valentine’s cards for other people. Here are some photos of the "making" meeting.

These are the Valentine cards from the exchange.

This is Lorraine.

Here and in the following photo are some of the materials that Lorraine brought for us to use.

These are a few of Lorraine's samples as well as more materials.

Rosie brought her daughter to help us with the valentines.

As usual, one of the members brought an embossing machine for our use.

Say "Hi" to Diane. She is a brand new member!

Helping each other with a page top paper punch.

Even pop-ups were made.

Drum Roll! Here are our lovely cards.

Here is the Valentine making crew.

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