Saturday, November 16, 2019


Peter and Donna Thomas are book artists from Santa Cruz, CA. Since 1977 they have worked both collaboratively and individually on letterpress printing, hand-lettering and illustrated texts, making paper, and hand binding both fine press and artists' books. From 2010-2019 they have traveled around the USA in their gypsy caravan as the "Wandering Book Artists" giving talks, workshops and demonstrations to both academic and community based audiences. This fall was the farewell tour with their caravan. After 9 years of road trips and over 90,000 miles they are retiring from travels, but not from their book making. Details of their journeys can be found at:

This fall they started in Idaho, continued to Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and finally found their way to Eureka to give a workshop for NORBAG. Peter taught us the "Nested Pop-Up Accordion Book" and the "Dowel Spine Stick Folder". 

Here are some photos of the books that Peter and Donna brought as examples.

The workshop participants got busy making their own books.

Charline C's book

Edge G.'s book

Kathy W.'s book

Front of Linda S.'s book

Back of Linda S.'s book

While we were making our books Peter serenaded us with his ukulele book – it is both a book AND a playable instrument.

Peter also made a book using an accordion. Viewing only, no playing with this "instrument" book.

Peter and Donna Thomas

It was a fantastic workshop, and we were so fortunate that Peter & Donna were able to come by on their way home.

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