Saturday, June 23, 2018

PSBA Members' Exhibit

The Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA), which also includes at least five NORBAG members, is currently holding its eighth annual exhibit. According to the exhibition catalog: "On display at the University of Puget Sound Collins Library are books by artists from all over the Pacific Northwest working with a great diversity of materials and methods. Each piece is a fresh take on what a book can be and how its creator thinks and imagines." The exhibition will continue through July 27, 2018. To view photos of every book in the exhibit visit the following website at Collins Library:

The Collins Memorial Library Award went to NORBAG member Bonnie Halfpenny for her book titled, With a Compass, Without a Map.

This book is a tribute to four talented women. It includes photo transfers,
scans, as well as hand and machine stitching

Photographs by Bonnie Halfpenny

The curator's choice award went to Jan Dove for her book, The Horsemen.

Jan works in Photoshop using layers to create her book that is pigment
 printed on paper.

The award of Excellence went to Isabel Duffey for her book titled, Unpacking.

Shown here, the book (box) is unfolded, but it all folds up into a perfect 4.25" cube.
It has letterpress printed panels with a combination of photopolymer plates, handset
type and linoleum cuts.

Photograph by Isabel Duffey

The following photographs are a small selection of books taken the opening night of the exhibition.

NORBAG member Kathy Dickerson is shown by a poster that includes her box titled,
Random Idea Generator in a Box, on the right second row from the bottom.
Shubahlup-Grit City by Angela Yoder
Copse by Carrie Larson
Chronos and Kairos by Debbi Commodore
Who Wrote the Book of Love? by Dorothy McCuistion
Blooming Verses by Elizabeth Walsh
The Packard Book by Gabby Cooksey
Grandpa, the Boy, and the Goat by NORBAG member John Arbuckle
Crow Anting by Jan Ward
Imagining Spring by Laurie Strong
Bark Beetle Book Vol. XIA and B: Tenaway Log by Suze Woolf
Forming Common Threads by Mari Eckstein Gower
Body Parts by NORBAG member Bonnie Julien

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