Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 January Workshop Photos

On Saturday, January 14 we had our monthly meeting and workshop. This month we had 16 books in the exchange for the "Tag and Pockets" theme. Five were from out-of-towners and the rest were local.

Our workshop was called "Three-fer" because we had three presenters of "cards" made for the 2016 Holiday Exchange. Each of the cards were quite different. 

Bobbie Hayes brought the instructions for making her "Northern Lights" and had templates for home use and paper for use during the workshop.

Bobbie had three samples for us to use. During the presentation we used a blank template. Here are some samples of what different decorations can look like.
Edge Gerring showed us how to make the twist and pop panel card. We had a bit of time to decorate our panel before putting the card together because it is not as easy to decorate after the construction.

This is Edge's card from the Holiday Exchange.

We folded the mechanism to put into the card.

After gluing the mechanism into the card we attached the decorated panel to the mechanism.  The card when closed looks quite simple. When you open it, the decorated panel twists and opens! Wow!

Michele Kamprath used a delightful woven Spine Card from our NORBAG Compendium Vol II, Pg. 49.

This is Michele's card from the Holiday Exchange
 (she made the stamps for the front too).
Using a template and contrasting card stock, we cut out Vs that interlocked.

These are the samples of the books we made.
This structure also works on a flat surface. This bookmark is an example.

Don't forget, the Holiday Exchange Cards are on Flickr... all 30 of them!

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