Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Origami Fold "Wallet Book" with Bobbie Hayes

Bobbie explains her fun project:  "I was playing on the internet and saw a little “wallet” made by Karen Thomas. It is an origami fold that can use either rectangular or square pieces of paper and can easily be used as a book structure. The finished structure shows both the front and back sides of paper allowing you a lot of different looks. You can use paper decorated on two sides if you like. The structure has many pockets for ephemera. We will sew in a signature using the pamphlet stitch. We will be making three books in the workshop."

Tools to bring: 
  • Cutting mat 
  • Bone Folder 
  • 2 small to medium binder clips 
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Awl 
  • Scissors 
  • Craft knife (X-acto)
  • Needle (for sewing pamphlet stitch)
  • Wax for thread 
Materials to bring:
1 sheet of paper that is any of these  sizes: 12" x 12", 9" x 12", 9" square or 8" x 10". Both sides will show in the finished structure. The paper should not be a very heavy weight paper because it will be folded over itself and gets bulky quickly. Mi-Teintes or Fabriano (98 lb) is too heavy for all of them but I have made it in a 70 lb. drawing paper. Bobbie adds: "Why am I being so vague? Because we will experiment with this and it will be fun (for me) to see all of the variations."

What will be provided: Paper for two books. Participants will provide paper for the third book.

When:     Saturday, June 11 at 12 noon
Where:   Eureka Methodist Church on Del Norte & F Streets
Cost:      $1.00
Bring:     See list above for tools and papers
RSVP:     Yes! By May 6 to Bobbie Hayes - see the newsletter for her contact information.

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