Monday, April 25, 2016

Workshop by Dolores Guffey on April 9, 2016

We met on April 9 for a workshop by Dolores Guffey to make structures from a single sheet of paper. These structures can be found on the internet under the names "meander", "maze", and "ox and plow". Instructions included diagrams with various cutting patterns along with project pages from the October 2015 and September 2014 utilizing the maze and meander structures. We were even given a tip from the compendium on how to divide without measuring. Most of the books were made without need for measuring.

These are the samples that Dolores provided.

We started by folding our pages to create grids.

Then, using the grid, we cut the cutting.

The last step is to fold the pages.

Take another look at Dolores' samples to see how one sheet of paper can be made into so many different shapes and sizes.

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