Saturday, January 23, 2016

January NORBAG Workshop

In January, our workshop taught us about a Leporello structure.  Instead of a single piece of paper folded as an accordion/concertina, you have separate folded sections glued to each other to form an accordion fold that is not limited by the length of a single piece of paper. 

According to "Steeped in history, this binding technique takes its name from Don Giovanni’s manservant, Leporello, in Mozart’s famous opera.   A notorious lothario, Don Giovanni seduces so many women that when Leporello displays a tally of them all, it unfolds concertina-like across the stage, as a list of considerable length!"

Sounds quite elegant and posh. Not so for this workshop. Margaret B. from the UK sent us an exchange book that is brightly colored and exuberant. Since Margaret is in the UK, Dolores did the workshop.

Things started neatly. We started by picking five papers of different colors to make the cards.
Then things started getting a little out of hand when we started adding scrap paper and punches for the surface design.

Then the tables exploded with color.

In the bottom right, you can see that the covers were folded in half and that was the base unit used in the Leporello.
We made a WOW fold in a different color and added it to the folded card.
The next several pictures show many of our designs.

By the way, here is a picture of Ellen G. who takes and posts all of the photos of the exchange books on Flickr. She is taking pictures while the rest of us are at play in the workshop! Make sure to tap the Flickr pictures button to see the books in full color that are just black and white in the newsletter. The last photos displayed are from the December Card Exchange. The current month of pictures are usually up by the time you receive the next month's newsletter.

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