Sunday, August 9, 2015

Barbara Milman Art Talk

Barbara Milman is a print and book artist from the San Francisco Bay Area who recently gave a talk about her work at the Morris Graves Museum in Eureka, CA. A number of NORBAG members attended the presentation to hear about her work and see her prints and the artist books she made to house some of the prints. Previously Barbara created a large body of work about the Holocaust, but her most recent interest is climate change. She is concerned about the environment and uses her art to help make people aware of climate change, particularly in the oceans. Barbara has exhibited her work nationally and internationally and has won many awards. Her exhibit at the Morris Graves Museum runs through August 30th. For more information about Barbara and her work check out her website at Pictured below are a few of her books in the exhibit. 

"Coral Ghosts" - 2010 Artist's Book

"Exploring the Coral Reefs" - 2009 Artist's Book

"Vanishing Act" - 2011 Artist's Book

"Devil Wind" - Unnatural Histories No.10, 2014 Artist's book
 in altered cigar box with vials of devil wind. 

"The Four Enemies" - Unnatural Histories No.16, 2011 Artist's book
 in an altered cigar box.

"Vanishing Act" - Unnatural Histories No. 17, 2011 Artist's book
 in an altered cigar box.

"Winners and Losers" - Unnatural Histories No. 15, 2011 Artist's book.
Dominoes are used to reflect the chance of survival of certain species with global warming...those with a higher number of dots are more likely to survive than those with a lower number of dots.

Thanks to Dolores G. for providing the photos and information about this exhibit.

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