Friday, June 19, 2015

June Stacked Boxes Workshop

Becky Mc. and Angela T. hard at work

The June workshop was well attended by 25 participants. The first hour was spent putting together the stacked boxes with folded sleeve, and the remainder of the time was left for making four miniature folded books to go in the boxes. There was a wide variety of papers used, so although the structure was the same they all had a very individual look. 
Rusty B., Edge G., and Lynne G.
Rusty B folding a box
Joann B., Lori W., and Nicole G. listening to directions.
Stacked boxes in a folded sleeve
What a variety
Nice panels on the outside of the sleeve
Plaid is fun
Vicki V admires the pop-up exchange books
Michele K shares one of the pop-up exchange books

All in all, it was another very successful workshop. Thank you to Dolores G. for teaching the structure and Bobbie H. for providing the photographs.

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