Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Library Kiosk Featured Artist

Books by Grace Battjes

   This month the kiosk in the Humboldt County Library is featuring books by Grace Battjes. If you are not able to stop by to see this lovely display here are a few photos of some of Grace's wonderful books.
   Grace retired from nursing in 1994 and moved from Oregon to Eureka to live near friends she met in the Peace Corps. She also found she liked the weather and the town itself. Within a short time she found NORBAG, a newly formed group of artists making handmade books. She joined and has been using her interest in paper arts and photography to play with book structures ever since. She prefers making her books for family and friends, often using her original photos and poetry. Grace loves cats and has featured them in many of her books as illustrated by the photos of her "Meow Museum". Each of her books is a complete original, just like Grace.
The Meow Museum

The following photos include some of Grace's other books featured in the kiosk.

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