Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Workshop Report

Our monthly workshops usually focus on book structures or surface design. Not this one! It was a tool extravaganza with three presenters who generously donated their time and expertise. Thanks to Sandy, Dolores, and Connie.
Dolores shares
Dolores shared a number of her tools (these are just a few) providing information about each one. She got her brass and steel measuring guides at a building supply store. Bone folders can be real bone, plastic, or teflon. The whetstone is used to sharpen her Exacto blades to get a bit more use before discarding. The transparency pieces may be her best idea ever; put a spot of glue on the end and place it in tight spots that need gluing, press together, then remove. She also provided a two page handout with lots of tips. If you are a Norbag member, send her an email and she will email the document.
Connie's stash
Connie brought bags of her favorite tools and enthusiastically demonstrated their use. 
Sandy's little feet
Sandy led a mini-workshop on creating "feet" that can be adhered to the bottom of boxes. The best size circle punch for small boxes is 3/4".

In addition to the actual workshop our monthly meetings involve a number of other activities. The first half-hour is spent borrowing or returning books from our own library, and preparing books for the exchange. We also had a large number of freebies—a very popular activity. Bring materials you don't use and recycle them at every meeting.
Exchange books come from all over the states, York, England and Victoria BC, Canada
This long table is covered with giveaway materials.
Book Artists delight in the unusual. Calendar pages are  great for making your own envelopes.

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