Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Library Kiosk: Constance Rose

The Humboldt County Library kiosk has a display of local artist and Norbag member, Connie Rose. As always, it is better to go see them than rely on two-dimensional photographs! Connie says this about her work:

"My interest in book arts is focused largely on creating journals from recycled materials. I make "art" journals, as distinct from writing journalsthat is books with pages that might be painted or collaged on addition to some narrative text. My journals aren't "about" anything in particular, but exist to be filled in some creative way, thereby becoming something special as one is used.

I fill the journal with pages made from recycled book and (heavyweight) magazine pages, journal and accounting paper, sheet music, wallpaper, my own sketchbook pages, scrapbook paper, drawing paper, old envelopes—anything that can withstand being folded and bound. I cover books with hand-painted or printed papers, hand-dyed fabrics, or recycled upholstery samples. I use different methods of binding each new journal using one of a variety of hand bookbinding stitches."


  1. I was the lucky photographer and I asked the librarian to open the door so I could get better photos; I couldn't resist "reading" them page by page. Connie also taught a fabulous workshop last Saturday.