Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Workshop--Stiff Leaf Binding

A Stiff Leaf Structure book is made of “hard” pages from illustration board that is put together with hinges made of book cloth. The pages can include decorative papers, photos with or without paper frames, or ephemera. This is a book that is glued together, not sewn.

Materials needed:
6 pieces of illustration board cut to 4" x 5" each grain long [see note about board at end].
Jig made of illustration board cut to 1⅛" x 5¾" inches for book cloth template.
Extra piece of illustration board for use as a spacer
(spacer will be 1 board thickness).
Heavy triangle or ruler to use as a straight edge.
12 pieces of 4" x 5paper to cover boards, grain long. [Note: grain of paper should be in the same direction as the grain of the illustration board]. Text, illustration and papers etc can be added when your book is completed.
Glue stick and PVA—if you do not have PVA, there will be some available.
Glue brush for PVA.
Jar or container to rinse brush.
Waste paper for gluing.
X-acto Knife or craft  knife.
Scissors and basic workshop tools including a cutting mat and ruler.

Book cloth if you have a particular color scheme going.
Marker to color the edges of illustration board.
Weights or a clean brick or pieces of board to weight your boards after gluing if you have this available.

Dolores will supply book cloth in the color swatch sent in the newsletter. We will have a board cutter available if you would like to cut your board at the meeting. Please come early to cut boards before the workshop begins as there is lots of gluing to be done.
Note: Illustration board is available at both Ellis Engineering in Eureka, and at the Art Center in Arcata. (If you go to Ellis, be sure to mention your NORBAG membership so you can receive your 10% discount.) A piece of illustration board is 15 x 20" and costs about $2.50 a sheet.

When you first get the board, bend it ever so slightly to determine grain. The direction that bends the easiest is the direction of the grain; mark this direction with parallel lines about 1 inch apart. Now, when you cut up the board you only need to look at your pencil marks to know in which direction the grain runs. Do the same with your decorative paper.

You will also need illustration board for the June workshop so you can buy a full sheet.

Please RSVP by Wed. March 9 to Michele K. Contact details are in the newsletter or directory.

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