Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May's Workshop--Discovering the Wheel

Our last workshop featured an introduction to paper engineering. We focused on one fun structure--a turning wheel that can be embedded in the pages of books and cards. As the viewer turns the wheel, pictures or strings of text change through a window.

After putting together the basic form, participants got to decorate their wheels with pictures. Some people stamped, some cut and pasted, and others scribbled. It was enjoyable and, judging by the feedback we've been getting, some have been inspired to make more at home.

Part of the afternoon included a video about a pop-up collector in Australia. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the overhead screen to work, and so everyone wound up gathering around a laptop to watch. In case you missed it (or couldn't see it well) the video can be seen here.

Also at the meeting was a display of some of the wonderful things members got to make at the Newport Paper Arts Festival in April. More on that will be posted soon here on this blog. Please check back in.

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