Thursday, April 15, 2010

Humboldt County Library Display, "Spring"

Did you know that North Redwoods Book Arts Guild displays books in the Eureka library? 
As you pass the checkout desk they are in a kiosk on the right. This month's theme is SPRING. Grace Battjes has done this for some time and now Bonnie Julien is coordinating the displays.
You might be surprised to see one of your own books displayed, donated by a member who received it in an exchange! Please enjoy each of the shelves but they are much nicer "in person".

Next month's theme is ANIMALS


  1. I always enjoy stopping by and looking at this display. Thanks for taking over this task, Bonnie.

    Ilene Harris

  2. Bonnie, it was such a treat to see one of my books in there! The display was a pleasure to view.

  3. I was wondering where the listing for this year's books in located? I am ready for July +. Thanks, Alex

  4. The exchange book themes are always printed somewhere in the newsletter, usually page three. July's theme is petroglyphs.